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UnLove Yourself

Dear Woman,

I want you to unlove yourself today. I want you to look into the mirror, close your eyes and truly think about everything you truly hate about yourself. Without a question we all dislike, hate, want to change, or have deep feelings about ourselves. Day in and day out we are taught to love ourselves but is it truly love or is it toleration. Is it the concept of play the cards you were given? I guarantee if we were all given an opportunity to change something, even something we have conditioned ourselves to love we would. Maybe it’s the huge breasts that people comment on but fail to notice the abundance of scarves you wear to conceal it. Or maybe it’s the big nose that you were made fun of for and called a vacuum. Unlove the things you are simply tolerating and take yourself back to a place before you noticed. There was a point where you didn’t notice you were “too tall” , “ too loud” , “too emotional” , “too short” “too black” … go back to the time before people made fun of you, pointed out or the moment of recognition. Close your eyes, see the person you were before and love her. Don’t learn to love these things, unlove it all, take yourself back and remember whatever the “too ______” is and forget it. Walk away from it and simply love yourself.

I am not too much, I am simply enough, enough of me and I am totally worth it.

Forever trying to navigate a crooked room.


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