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Why I am not only a Feminist… But a BLACK Feminist!

I have always heard the term feminist or feminism. Usually accompanied with shirtless white women requesting that she may show her breast at any point or other pictures or slogans of women wanting outlandish things and therefore when asked are you a feminist, my response was HELL NO, I am NOT one of those crazy breast free, period staining sheets to oppose the use of tampons or sanitary napkins in going against the oppression of the man.

But when the opportunity to truly understand and embrace my feminity came jumping at me in the form of education and learning I knew I was a feminist and further more that I am a black feminism. Feminism fights for the rights of women in many aspects of life to be treated as equals and not as subservient to men. Now, if you oppose the concept or understanding of black feminism please read on and feel free to comment on why you might think there is no need for separation of race, class, sexual orientation or other identities. As our identities are everything like our DNA, we are complicated and made up of the complex identities that allows for every single persons life experiences to be completely different.

Lets explain this in terms of just 2 identities- gender and race. If you are a white man, you are made of 2 idenities that hold privilege, whiteness and manhood. If you are a white woman, you are holding privilege in your whiteness but oppression in your womanhood. If you are a black man, you guessed it, they hold privilege in their manhood and oppression in their blackness. But if you are a black woman, you simply hold oppression in both of your identities. This my friends is the equation of why black feminism and white feminism are not, will not and can never be the same because their fights, their privilege, their oppression is different complicated and blended.

Now, before everyone goes off saying that I just banished white women and denounced their ability to also be feminist, you can get off your high horse real quick. Ida B. Wells ( if you don’t know who she is google it) worked alongside many white feminist while still also offering opportunities for black women to embrace their difference. Feminism fights for rights of women no matter their race, however the struggles that black feminist and white feminist face are very frequently different.

Feminism- the advocacy of equal rights of women in political , social, and economic equality to men.

Forever a black woman trying to tell her own narrative in the crooked room the world has placed her in,


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